Our Story

In 2006, a Domestic Violence Ministry was established within my church to address the systematic issues related to domestic abuse. As one of the Leaders of the faith–based ministry serving the metro Atlanta areas we were committed to partnering and working collaboratively with other community leaders, organizations, local shelters and socially conscious individuals to eradicate domestic abuse. 

The ministry has since disbanded however the highlight and most gratifying moments occurred when we made personal visits to our adopted shelters. We provided more than just basic personal care packages as we wanted the women to feel extra special so with the generous donations received through companies and organization we were able to supply the women with perfumes, lotions, and handbags. All women desire to feel beautiful regardless of their circumstances and to have witnessed firsthand the gratitude and joy that illuminated from the women who had been gifted with such items was truly priceless!  It was the handbags that brought the most excitement and smiles to the faces of the women thus the inspiration for “Swan Affordable Handbags was conceived.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence the CEO and Founder, Dee Perkins of Atlanta GA, remains committed to giving back to make a positive difference in the lives of others who have been impacted by domestic violence.